Thursday, July 10, 2008


Nobody truly understood

To them it was all unknown.

That our past can never be let go,

For the future,

Is set in stone.

I remember the days

When it was just you and I.

It was only two of us,

And we never had to ask why.

But we were crossing a path

That was new in our minds.

And we were searching for something

That we never could find.

Another mistake we had to make,

Sorrow flew into our souls.

Robbing us of all our memories,

Leaving our hearts as empty holes.

It was the day everything changed,

It was then we realized

We would never be the same.

A memory that I still kept was you,

Looking into my brown eyes,

You had called them liquid pools.

We had sat and remembered the days

When we were such fools.

Now all is done,

But how to explain the truth?

There is only one way:

There was me,

And there was you.


Maddie said...

i wont know what i think.

Bela said...

Um, no I don't.

Bela said...

Seriously...what are you talking about?

Maddie said...

o bela.........................

Bela said...


Maria said...

The second-to-last stanza kind of strays from the structure of the rest of the poem, but otherwise it's good.

Ah, Bela... always so profound!

Maddie said...

look at my comment on the previous poem. you'll get it then.

Andrew said...

Personally, I think that mistakes is an inadequate name to call this poem. Reminisce? Something more along the lines of something happier. It just kind of shouts that to me (Oxymoron?) Anyway my personal opinion


Bela said...

Maria - Throughout the poem, it's almost as if when I looked back, I couldn't remember anything. So if I were to keep one memory...well, that creates the second stanza.

I'm going to look, Maddie!

Yay! I'm so glad you commented, Andrew! Reminisce would be a good title! I was going for Mistakes because this poem is supposed to be like a journey between two people. And within every stanza there is a mistake made. Especially in the second to last stanza!

Thanks so much for your comments!!!

Maddie said...

your mistake was writing this......


Bela said...

You're cruel.

Maddie said...

no, i am kind. i just like to have fun with you.

Bela said...

Save it for the luchbreak, Maddie.

Maddie said...

I have plenty more, don't worry.

Bela said...

Lucky me.

Maddie said...

i thought you'd be pleased!

Bela said...

Oh I'm so pleased. On the inside!

Maddie said...

i bet you are!!!!!!!!!
(said in a pleased almost snotty manner)

Bela said...

Okay, then...

Gina said...

A brown cat walked into a blue house. Suddenly, they both noticed a yellow fly sitting on a wall and decided to attack. How many peppers were harmed?

Bela said...

I'm confused.

Gina said...

Just doing my part to deviate the conversation from discussing the snottiness of being pleased.