Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Along the Way

A thousand tears
I'll cry for you.
It's been so long,
it came so soon.
Did we miss it somehow,
did we see it along the way?

This road has crumbled,
there's a hole in the moon.
We walked the line
and fell right through.
Sometimes I wonder,
what if we could fly?

Let's find a place
where we can escape.
I'll take you with me,
we'll go away.
Just take my hand,
I'll guide you through the dark.

It's a long road,
do you think you can make it?
You fake a smile,
but can you take it?
Even if you fall,
I'll carry you.

Don't tell me
that it's too late.
I know you're listening,
I know you're awake.
Can't we pave the way
once again?

Maybe You Can Help Me...

Hi everyone,
As you can see, this isn't exactly a poem.
Just wanted to ask a couple of questions,
for those of you that are willing to answer.

Well, basically I've added a bit of a minor
plot twist in my book so as to not make it cliche.
But, because I want to keep my book from ending
on a "cliche-note" (haha!), I need to make sure I don't
have a cliche sort of ending...obviously. My my my,
I'm a bit redundant today...

But really, I need feedback. Gina, Maria, Maddie...
(and I think Kenzie...)
You all know about it. But if any of my other blogger
buddies want to help out and need a hint, I'm here!

That's all, folks!
And please, just this once,
put your heart on THIS paper!
(Work with me here, I know it's not really paper...)
- Bela