Sunday, January 25, 2009

Little Girl

Isn't anybody going to listen
to my story?
I've lost myself from writing
it over and over again.

Well, have you seen her face?
Is her smile unknown?
Is she so full of innocence,
from a world never shown?

Have you heard her calling,
beckoning to you?
Have you looked for the girl
with the smile of truth?

Can you save her from sorrow?
can you erase her past?
Will you reach out and hold her,
or just bring her back?

This little girl is yours,
don't let her run from a chance.
Find her, help her,
and maybe she'll love you again.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fade Away

You have faded me.
I'm disappearing
under the night sky.
You have erased me,
and I'm gone.
Into a world of spaces
in my mind.

I'm so alone,
so lost without you.
I'm dying and trying
to make it home.
And I'm fighting my way
back to you.

Am I out of reach?
Am I on my own?
Have you left me alone
in a world out of time?
Did you see what I knew
through my eyes?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Changing Me

Second chances don't matter
when people choose not to change.
The truth hides in their eyes,
but it's constantly rearranged.

It's hanging on their tongues,
it's lying on their backs.
The burden they choose to carry
will bring about the courage they lack.

You've tried so hard,
but you have failed to change me.
Keep your eyes open for now
and maybe you'll find the key.

But for now stay in your corner
and continue to slip through the cracks.
But when you turn your back to me,
remember there's no turning back.