Sunday, December 21, 2008


My mind is racing,
my heart keeps stopping.
I'm gripping the edge,
but I keep dropping.
And for a moment,
I can't feel a thing.

I'm flashing back
to lost memories.
I skipped ahead
and found you and me.
And like a film
we both faded to black.

But what happened there
will stay in my heart.
Another day,
and we were falling apart.
Sometimes it's hard to dream
of what could have been.

You held me close,
then you drifted away.
Somehow I found
there was nothing to say.
I'm tripping over words
that lie on the ground.

The voice of an angel
keeps calling me.
I close my eyes,
but it's you I see.
Heaven above is closer
than they'd think.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Never the Same

It's been too long,
the world's on fire,
Pain can't be stopped,
can we stop desire?
What we had will never
be the same.

Some days I can see
that the future is bright.
Other times
I can see the light.
It's shining into my eyes,
I reach for you.

Can you steady me?
Can you show me the way?
Would you help me find
the words to say?
I'm stumbling over feelings
just for you.

I've found a way
to keep my heart intact.
But my life's longing
for something back.
Maybe you could help me
find my way.

But I've walked alone
and my heart's been aching.
I carried you,
but my back was breaking.
It's been too long,
how can I find you?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Little Soldiers

100 little soldiers
lined up at the stakes.
100 little minds,
each reliving their mistakes.

They played in Daddy's uniform,
when they were too young to stand.
They knew the stripes they wore
were theirs when they could command.

All those years of waiting
and all those moments never taken.
They were all for one single dream.
Yet that dream was forsaken.

They didn't know what to fight for,
those little toys of war.
But they were always proud to be
the little soldiers of the big sea.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Light

Winter days, you've left me cold,
my last breath has faded away.
White winter, come closer to me,
and tell me you're here to stay.

Hide me under the silhouettes
of the frosted white pines.
Hold me in the tangled branches
and whisper that you're mine.

Wrap me in the wind,
and cover me in the snow.
Just give me all you can
before you have to go.

You've brought this to me,
this beauty, this bliss.
You've given me a winter's day,
and a white winter's kiss.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Broken Wings

The risen gates won't open up for me.
My wings are far too broken.
I can't hold myself up any longer,
I'm falling.

I've fallen apart, barely breathing.
I keep drifting, my heart is still beating.
My eyes tell you that I'm about to break,
Keep looking at me.

One thousand broken hearted lovers.
One thousand winged messengers.
Take these broken wings,
save me from what I've become.

I'll hide from what I lost in this life.
My soul searches for a place unknown,
I'm so lost, so far away from it all.
I'm so far, so far from home.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Life

I spent my days wandering,
searching for a chance.
Sleeping with my eyes wide,
afraid to miss a glance
of what I had lost, my life.

My life has been a question
with no answers ever found.
I've walked these streets too long,
now I'm lying on the ground.

I found my way for a day,
and my life in a night.
But I lost it all again,
I'm done putting up a fight.

To everyone here
I'm just a face in the crowd.
Could anyone hear me
if I shouted out loud?

Tomorrow will be harder,
don't make another mistake.
When you're living my life,
you're broken or you'll break.

Your Heart

It's my tears
that make you want to change.
Look into my eyes,
travel to the depths of my soul.
Say a million things
without a trace of sound.

Consume my life
with the rhythmic beatings
of your heart.
A feeling only felt,
a fight fought for too long.

What you are to the world,
I become the very same.
For you, I'll live a million lives,
for it's a thought of the heart,
and not of the mind.