Friday, December 11, 2009

When You're Gone

When you're gone,
my heart shatters
as I sit waist deep
in thoughts of you.
This empty home
has left me alone.
I'm waiting for you
to open the door.
Save me,
I'm drowning in shame.
If you're gone,
maybe life will start anew.
Memories will collapse
in the wrinkle of endless time,
opportunity will knock
at the door of my hollow heart.
I'm home,
emptier than before.
Soon you're gone,
dreams disappear
in the mind of a child,
weary from battling armored reality.
I am who I have lost;
an illusion of fate,
wrapped around your little finger.
I am waiting.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In Your Heartbeat

I hope you love enough
to last a thousand lifetimes.
May your heart finally
be open and free.
May fireflies circle you in wonder,
lighting up the sky
above withering trees.
I hope you can remember
when teardrops hit the water.
May you wrap your arms around
what was almost lost.
Keep your eyes upon
the patches of bright midnight,
while the pale moon of tomorrow
washes you in vanilla twilight.
Whisper the song
that danced in your heartbeat,
jumping over flames,
falling into forgotten memories.
Smoke twirls under the spark
of a million stars.
I forgive you.