Friday, July 18, 2008

The Smoking Jacket

I am the smoking jacket
you left so long ago.
I hang on the wall,
never worn again.

You left me in your closet
after you cured yourself.
Your scent of pipe tobacco
still lingers in my stitching.

You wore me twice
every day.
I was a part of your life
for thirty years.
Before that time,
we were inseparable.

You wore me at night,
after dinner with coffee.
You wore me at twilight,
when wine was served.
You wore me every day,
but no longer.

Now here I hang,
You left me here.
You bettered yourself,
so for that I am grateful.
But why did you leave
your precious jacket
hanging in the attic?


Maddie said...

it's good, but it wasn't as amzing clear as it could be. I understood that that was what it was about, but still.

Bela said...

Do you remember that poem we read today? It's supposed to be unclear...but I'll change it up right now.

Andrew said...

It's good. I like the semi personification of the jacket. I have never heard the other poem before, but I still enjoyed your poem reguardless.

Bela said...

Yeah, the point of this was to give a different perspective in a poem. Thanks Andrew!

Gina said...

It would be more intense if it was about "The Smoking Gun". But that's just me.

Seriously, I like the personification of the jacket, too. It sounds like it was an old man's jacket and it got tossed carelessly in the attic when he died.

Bela said...

Actually, it's not supposed to be about when he died, but when he cured his smoking addiction.

EmMa said...

it was kind of cool. i like the fact that it is from the jackets point of view. i think it was a little unclear however. i think that had to do with fluency.

Bela said...

Hey Emma! Great to see you here! Hows your blog going?

This was supposed to be kind of a mystery, truth be told. But I'll try to be clearer by adding some lines.