Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Had a Dream

I feel your smile,
pressed softly against my cheek,
and you hum
a lullaby of gentle breaths
until you are sleeping
in my dream.
Behind closed eyes,
I watch myself twirl
under a blank sky
and lift my arms
to color it blue.
Your lullaby fills my mind
and you appear to grasp my waist,
holding me high
above the clouds.
With your help,
I clutch the air and smile proudly
until you laugh
at my empty hands,
willing to pretend.
You murmur
that you love me
and I wait
for you to lower me to the ground
so I can whisper the same.
But my eyelids begin
to flutter
and my lashes part.
I awaken next to you,
your eyes still shut
and your warm body lying
perfectly still.
I trace the length of your arm
as if trying to prove
I have returned.
I smile at reality
and I remember
how to felt the sky
and I saw the wind.