Wednesday, September 24, 2008


There's one hope,
one healing.
Tell me you'll take a chance.
There's one moment,
one life.
Tell me you're ready to live.

There's a chance
for the future,
that keeps us holding on.
And the flickering hope
will burn stronger
now that we stand together.

They say
change is constant,
but we'll always make it through.
Just promise
you'll stay with me,
and I'll stay with you.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


The world froze around me
I'm sure for you, too.
I never did know
I had to look for you.

But I found you,
or maybe you found me.
And we walked past the statues
that we could no longer see.

And our hands touched,
finally we were together.
And sparks flew into the air
as we soared off forever.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I'll be there for you.
Through all the misery,
I'll be there.
And remember me
through the days that pass.

Remember the time
we spent together.
The bronze of Autumn,
the white of Winter.
And how we almost
made it through,
past the scarlet of Spring.

And remember each day
we had shared.
Our first smile,
our first laugh.
The first tear
that slid down my cheek.
And the first heartbreak
that separated us.

But don't give up
the memories we keep.
The pull we each felt
every day, every night.
The pull that sent us spiraling
back to thoughts of each other.

Remember me through it all,
I'll always remember you.
Every minute of every moment.
Every day of each season.
And every second of every feeling
I ever felt for you.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Those Days

Do you remember
when we first met?
And how different we seemed to be?
Yet looking back,
we seemed to be perfect
for each other.
Don't you agree?

Do you remember
when the leaves began to change?
When you first held me close?
It was then I knew
I could love you.
Did you love me?

I know you remember
when the snow began to fall.
And the time we spend together.
I only needed you beside me.
Did you need me?

But do you truly remember
the first tear I shed?
On that same Spring day
I wanted to tell you I loved you.
But when you left me
I knew there was nothing
I could have said
to stop you.


I waited for him,
And prayed he'd come back.
But my door stayed shut
and the slit the corner
of my heart deepened.

And I can feel him.
His arm around me,
my hand in his.
I needed him beside me,
but he left

Yet time still passes,
though each day is longer.
But I'll never forget him,
for each moment spent beside him,
was a moment to remember.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hold On

You're holding,
the ledge for dear life.
Praying that
there's a chance for you.

And you hope
your hands will stay steady,
that they won't slip.
And you won't fall
far past my reach.

And I feel you
through the spaces
in my heart.
In the corners of my mind.
Come out,
come out
wherever you are.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I told you I would always be there
for you.
When your blue eyes
I was there.
And when your blue eyes
I waited for you still,
but you left me.
You abandoned me.

I am alone.
You left me here,
just like everyone else.
And you disappeared,
just like everyone else.

I miss you already.
Wherever you really are,
Just let me know
When you decide
to come back for me.
And please,
come as you were.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Wait For Me

I wait for you
in the cold night
by the empty window.
When no one can hear me,
when no one will listen.

I can hear you coming
up the stairs to the door.
Your billowy breaths
echoing against my heart.
You've emptied my heart.

All night, every night,
I pray that you are there
to wake me when I dream
of you and only you,
my head resting on the glass,
clothes stained with thoughts of you.

But until then,
my tears keep falling
down the window panes
where I once saw you.
where you once disappeared
into darkness.