Monday, March 9, 2009

In the End

Four minutes ago,
I'll never see you again.
The clock keeps ticking,
this could be the end.
How long will it be
before we disappear?

There's a world I see inside you,
it's waiting to come to life.
You've always been a dreamer,
but reality was in your eyes.
Clear away the cobwebs,
do you see me for who I am?

We only have a minute,
I won't take somebody's place.
Turn around for a moment,
can you recognize my face?
Don't you think we've waited
long enough to know?

There's no time left for us,
the clock has run out.
There's no more time left
to wonder or doubt.
Will you be there for me
in the end?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Away From Here

Take my hand,
let's run away.
There's no one here,
no reason to stay.
Come run with me,
maybe we'll float to the stars.

We found a way when we began.
We've reached the edge,
let's jump while we can.
If we make it through,
I'd love to tell them all.

Keep your chin up,
don't look down.
We're falling fast,
let's hope we don't drown.
Those tears of yours
don't ever seem to stop.

There's not a trace,
where have we been?
What kind of hope
can we find within?
There's a fading sadness,
will we ever be the same?