Monday, October 26, 2009

Endless Road

Take me down,
back to shattered memories
of souls I have lost.
Take me back,
before the mistakes
and the final tears of goodbye.
Before I was stripped bare
of who you led me to be,
before I was a shell of a soul,
a broken heart
carried miles and miles away.
But soon the winds of change
will sway the branches in my favor,
while steady feet
hold my head high.
Let the trees bud
with lessons I have learned,
challenges I have conquered,
wisdom I have gained.
Let the world start anew,
from the branch of life,
to Adam and Eve,
to where we have been
and where I will go.
So it is written.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Never to be Forgotten

You were my everything;
a smile in sadness,
the tear shed in strife.
You were my own;
a blackberry thief,
and protector of our castle.
An explorer of the world,
lover of the rain.
The risen gates
have opened for you,
a beautiful legend
in your own right.
Always beside me,
even now,
never to be forgotten.
I'll love you forever;
my companion,
my listener,
my best friend.

Shaken Road

Hold onto my hand,
I'll show you the way.
They've left us here
why should we stay?
Give me a reason
and I'll follow you back home.

The road keeps shaking,
we could fall through.
Can you feel the spaces,
the hollow souls we knew?
The broken people,
we stepped over them.

We've hit a wall,
there's no place to go.
You ask who I am,
why pretend you don't know?
Don't hide behind questions,
we can face this together.