Friday, June 24, 2011

Trusting You

Your eyes
flicker thoughtfully
between dark lashes,
outlined in sleepless nights
and the comfort you endow.
A gentle breath
escapes from between your lips
and you murmur
what I imagine to be my name.
You reach for me
and my body trembles from
the warmth of your touch,
the brush of your hand
against my cheek.
A sigh escapes
from my own lips
as I close my eyes
and bury my face in the grooves
of your chest.
Our bodies move in syncopation
with each breath you take;
rising and falling until
I collapse
into your sincere embrace.
My mind swims with thoughts of
As I doubt,
your hand gently traces
the curves of my body
with careful sensitivity.
I think no more
and give myself to you;
vulnerable me.