Thursday, February 25, 2010

Delicate Rivalry

Intertwining rhythms
secrete the beauty of immortality,
burning the reflection of
unbound power
into memory.
Desire drifts
from heart to mind,
fearful incandescence escaping
from fragmented chains.
Suffocating ignorance
cloaks reality
as blind consciousness
dominates moral prevalence.
Staggered insanity
lingers behind the vanity
of a shattered looking glass,
malignant distress haunting
the eyes of a child.
Adolescence battles resilience,
each affliction wounding
the heart of a warrior;
a persistent trial.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Past Memories

Obscure innocence
reflects the light in your smile
as blossoming tears drown
your conspired hypocrisy.
In your palm lay
blindfolded promises,
hidden by the bitter ambrosia
of your deception.
are stolen from lifeless winds
that cradle dark,
moldering flowers;
tainted with betrayal.
Naive eyes
unveil tangled weavings
of duplicity,
preserved by my demise.
Distressed hands
risk sanity through bravery,
grasping the fabric of time
to gather the past.
becomes reality in your eyes;
a perfect stranger.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Believe In You

Eyes twinkle
under a thousand stars,
reminiscence flickering
as innocence dances
in the heart of your smile.
Silence binds the world
into a diluted rapture,
emptiness echoing
the rhythm of years past.
Paper flowers crinkle,
whispering lullabies
of devoid illusion,
murmuring skeletal pleas
of forgiveness.
Vanity swells within
a crippled heart,
trapped inside a shell of a soul.
A wary hand extends,
fear imprisoning possibility;
my miracle.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Your hand extends,
dark eyes flickering as the moon
casts a shadow over
clenched palms.
Teeth grind,
scraping against cracked lips
that refuse to part.
and soul
stand alone, disappearing
while silent screams
beg for freedom,
suffocating as a broken
looking glass
spills burning raindrops.
Eyes shift
heart beats
Words collapse
under the weight of time.
No escape, no goodbyes.
I love you.