Sunday, July 27, 2008

Come Back

I wished
all would be the same
let it come true.

I prayed
for you once more
come back to me.

I saw you,
and you saw me.
tell me all is forgiven.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tell Me Again

So you once said
that there is truth in everything.
I have found no truth in anything
and you have done me wrong.

Someone once said
that a true friendship
is more important than love itself.
You tell me love should triumph.

So I once said
that I could never
come between you two.
But it has happened,
So all I ask
is if my knowledge is worth
anything at all.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hidden By Pain

We hide deep below,
Just below the ground.
In fear of the fiends,
the people we once knew.

We are unsure
of what might come.
Of who we can trust,
If traitors lurk among us.

The stiff boards below us
and the cold walls closing in
remind us that there will be an end.
There is too little air
in this small room,
and we may not be free again.

Still we hide,
cowering in the darkness.
Afraid of all who surround us.
It is now that our closest friends
become strangers.

In the darkness,
We pray for freedom,
for strength and mobility.
And above all,
the courage to overcome
the pain.

Past the End

Past that building, I used to stop
On those cold winter days.
To remind myself of what I lost,
and what I had to gain.

Although time was taken
from the covered rooftops,
we all felt the sorrow,

It all ended
when the winter came.
The past was erased,
and nothing was the same.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Smoking Jacket

I am the smoking jacket
you left so long ago.
I hang on the wall,
never worn again.

You left me in your closet
after you cured yourself.
Your scent of pipe tobacco
still lingers in my stitching.

You wore me twice
every day.
I was a part of your life
for thirty years.
Before that time,
we were inseparable.

You wore me at night,
after dinner with coffee.
You wore me at twilight,
when wine was served.
You wore me every day,
but no longer.

Now here I hang,
You left me here.
You bettered yourself,
so for that I am grateful.
But why did you leave
your precious jacket
hanging in the attic?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Everything

They say in the shadow of the sun,
there is hope.
A new day has begun,
And there are new chances.

They say in the light of the full moon,
there is possibility.
That anything can happen
in that moment.

They say in the sparkle of the stars.
there are dreams.
And when wished upon,
your dreams come true.

You are my
and stars.
You are my everything,
and I wouldn't have it
any other way.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


If I saw you in a crowded room
you'd be the one I'd see.
If I were to dream one night
It would be of you and me.

I know what they say
about love
is untrue.
But since we've met
I can only think of you.

You're the one and only
thing in my life that's real.
I'm begging, please.
Let me tell you how I feel.


You ignored me.
I called to you
on that day so long ago.
"Please, please
Stay with me."
You couldn't hear me,
you didn't listen,
and walked on,
You left me.
I never said goodbye.

I never said goodbye,
You left me,
and walked on.
You didn't listen,
You couldn't hear me.
"Stay with me!
Please, please!"
On that day so long ago,
I called to you.
You ignored me.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Your hand in mine,
Our fingers intertwined
Through the moonlit dark.
We would sit atop the cold stone wall,
On top of the world.

Remembering you,
The warmth of your body
Holding onto mine,
And the haven you were
To me.

Remembering us,
Your shadow welded to mine.
The mirroring lake
And the moon beneath the waves.

Remembering then,
And the sweet scent of crimson roses
That perfumed the night sky.
And the full, white moon
Lighting our path into serenity.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


She comes as a false witness,
Separating us by rights.
But for how long?

She comes as a journey,
Keeping us along rough paths.
But will it always be this way?

She comes as a barrier,
Splitting us apart.
But we will be together soon.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Nobody truly understood

To them it was all unknown.

That our past can never be let go,

For the future,

Is set in stone.

I remember the days

When it was just you and I.

It was only two of us,

And we never had to ask why.

But we were crossing a path

That was new in our minds.

And we were searching for something

That we never could find.

Another mistake we had to make,

Sorrow flew into our souls.

Robbing us of all our memories,

Leaving our hearts as empty holes.

It was the day everything changed,

It was then we realized

We would never be the same.

A memory that I still kept was you,

Looking into my brown eyes,

You had called them liquid pools.

We had sat and remembered the days

When we were such fools.

Now all is done,

But how to explain the truth?

There is only one way:

There was me,

And there was you.

None For Me

You told me you were mine,
That you would never let go.
You told me you loved me,
And I loved you so.

You never would have left,
If she hadn't come along.
You had many choices,
and you chose wrong.

If times are changing,
But we stay the same,
You can never come back to me.
It is you who I blame.

You say yours is mine,
And mine is ours,
But what is left for me?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Among the bushes,
by a familiar face.

So we hide in shame,
to not attract a crowd.

And confronted,
Then boldly enough,
We empty our hearts.