Wednesday, September 24, 2008


There's one hope,
one healing.
Tell me you'll take a chance.
There's one moment,
one life.
Tell me you're ready to live.

There's a chance
for the future,
that keeps us holding on.
And the flickering hope
will burn stronger
now that we stand together.

They say
change is constant,
but we'll always make it through.
Just promise
you'll stay with me,
and I'll stay with you.


Bela said...

Comment please people! I think you are all going to like this one...

Gina said...

No offense personally, but one of my major literary pet peeves is when someone doesn't rhyme for most of the poem and the last part does. It is just really inconsistent, and, well, it irks me.

As for the rest of the poem itself, I wondered if "healing" meant that the speaker and the listener had hurt each other before and needed to get better together?

I couldn't help thinking of that soap opera "One Life to Live" while reading the second half of the first stanza. :)

Honestly, I guess I'm just not as big a fan of this one as you are... maybe I'm getting bored of the subject material or something. (You are starting to repeat yourself a bit.)

Sorry if this seems curt or short-tempered, I just really need to eat right now... going to eat pasts and finish homework! Yippee! *No artificial sweetners added! Fortified with extra sarcasm!*

Maria said...

BTW I did leave a comment on TDBU about 5 days ago....

Bela said...

I know Gina...sorry! I needed something to finish it off and I was drawing a blank. Call it a work in progress.

Yes, healing is used in that context. What's "One Life to Live"? It sounds like a poem title...:)

I'm not that crazy about it. Perhaps I misread your literary style? I know I repeat myself...but that phase is over! I couldn't get out of that funky mood for some reason. No matter. It's all over now!

You don't seem that short tempered...just a wee bit :) Huh...that little ** thing could make a very nice a follow-up to your genius juice? (That is what it's called, right?)

Maria - I don't want this one to be so short in comparison...but give me a little extra to work with! Just kidding :)

Yay! Someone went onto TDBU!!! Sorry, I haven't had a chance to check it lately...or this blog, for that matter. But I will definitely check it out!

Thanks again for staying true to my blog by commenting!

Gina said...

Take a listen to Ingrid Michaelson's song "Overboard"- it has a lot of similar vocabulary as many of your poems. If you read the lyrics, you will see that you really don't need a lot of words to make a song (but sometimes that is useful- also listen to Lemon Demon's "Word Dissassociation" for a totally different feel.)

Bela said...

Huh. I'll check on that. Thanks!