Thursday, September 18, 2008

Those Days

Do you remember
when we first met?
And how different we seemed to be?
Yet looking back,
we seemed to be perfect
for each other.
Don't you agree?

Do you remember
when the leaves began to change?
When you first held me close?
It was then I knew
I could love you.
Did you love me?

I know you remember
when the snow began to fall.
And the time we spend together.
I only needed you beside me.
Did you need me?

But do you truly remember
the first tear I shed?
On that same Spring day
I wanted to tell you I loved you.
But when you left me
I knew there was nothing
I could have said
to stop you.


Maria said...

Yes, teacher....
This goes along with your 2nd stanza of the poem above. I find it interesting that TLMM would leave you in spring rather than the more traditional outlook of someone finding love in spring/summer and losing it when everything is dead in fall. Maybe this is autobiographical, or it goes along with the school year?

The repetition is very familiar-- also, how you have variations of the same first line for every stanza, and how the first three stanzas end with a similar question. And you're always talking about some TLMM or other who left... *BOOHOO* You seem to use the phrase "do you remember" quite frequently as well.

Bela said...

Again, I think a lot. About TLMM. Otherwise known as _____. Wow, that's really fun!

Familiar in what way?
Yes, I like to continue themes in my poems. I really hope that "*BOOHOO*" wasn't sarcasm...

It's fun getting you guys worked up :)

Maria said...

Like I said, a TLMM/Kevin is one of your standby subjects for poetry.

Excuse me while I hum (for no apparent reason) "Prisoners in Love" from "The Producers".

Bela said...

Yeah, well. Get ready for a whole other topic because my world is falling apart.

Then again, I might add him in somewhere...

You like the Producers, huh? You were obsessed at CWP!

Gina said...

BTW it's "Prisoners OF Love." And you call yourself a fan. (What a nitwit, right?)

Gina said...

Oh boy, a world-falling apart poem! Something new! *ahem sarcasm coff coff ahem* NITWIT IS SUCH A FUN WORD TO SAY!!!!

Bela said...

Lots of fun to say :)
Fine. No world falling apart poem. How about a happy poem? With lollipops and rainbows...

Gina said...

And Princess Unicorn Bunny Kitten Angel? (the most beautifulest in the whole wide world!)

Look it up on YouTube.

I just love making you go on scavenger hunts. :)

Bela said...

Okay...I'm a huntin'!

Maria said...

Obsessed, Bela? Okay, maybe a little... It's just that Zero Mostel + Gene Wilder = a whole lot of funny.

BTW I'm wearing my CWP shirt from last year! Yay!

Is your world exploding or imploding?