Wednesday, October 1, 2008


You knew that I was there.
Covered by darkness,
it was you who rescued me.

Everyone searched for me,
but you found me
where no one else looked.
It's because of you
I can breathe.

And you sat beside me
that warm Autumn night.
You held me
for the first time.
And my hope returned
once more.

You never stopped believing.
Neither did I.
you came back for me,
and put your hands in mine.


Gina said...


Sing it with me!- sea-sons-of-- LOOOO-OOO-OOO-OOO-OOO-OOO-OO-OO-OOVE!

Bela said...

DO I detect sarcasm? I hope not :)


Haha! That was fun. It's good to hear some positive comments...

Maria said...

525,600... okay, I see no one else is singing along.

Did Kevin/TLMM come back?


Bela said...

I'm singing along!

Um...he sort of came back. But that's good enough for me!

Maria said...

If it's good enough for Brady...

Sorry, random Inherit the Wind reference. Good play.

Bela said...

I've never seen it any good?
And does it come in book form?

And better yet...what is the translation of "If it's good enough for Brady..."?
These are the questions that haunt me...

Sorry, I'm feeling goofy today.

Gina said...

It certainly comes in book form, otherwise we wouldn't have read it out loud in English class. :) It's an interesting script, lots of stage direction for easy visualization purposes, and it's also a really short book.

That stupid, annoying song is "Gimme That Old Time Religion" and the citizens of Hillsboro, Tennessee sing it to show their admiration for Matthew Harrison Brady (the lawyer for the prosecution) and to enforce their religious fervor. If you didn't know, Inherit the Wind is based on the Scopes "Monkey Trial" in Tenessee in the 1920s. The characters are not the actual people involved but are extremely similar. Much of the text is from transcripts of the Scopes trial.

Wow, lecture over... I really need ot finish my stupid homework. By the way, why were you studying American history for 6 hours straight the other day?? There's no way on earth you were able to absorb all that information in one sitting, unless you have an excellent photographic memory. Hey, do you remember those Cam Jansen books from when we were little? She was my idol when I was in second grade because she had photographic memory (but she had to say "Click" whenever she wanted to save/remember a memory, haha.)

Gina said...

And I'm feeling groovy.
On the 49th street bridge.

Simon and Garfunkel? No? Well okay then...

Bela said...

Ah, that makes sense. Wow, I never noticed how the word lecture makes it sound like someone is reprimanding another, instead of informing them. And I also noticed that I'm moving astray from the subject. Moving on...

Yup! 6 hours straight (ugh!). Yeah, I have kind of a photographic memory. But I can't use it like Cam Jansen =D
Did you know when I was younger I used to actually believe that if you had a photographic memory, you had to say "click" to use it? I was REALLY gullible.

Simon and Garfunkel? I have NO idea who they are. Sorry! Enlighten me, will you?

Gina said...

I'm sorry, it's the 59th Street bridge song

Bela said...

Oh, okay...I get it now. Thanks!

Gina said...

Hooray for treasure hunts!

And parents with older music tastes!

And Kevin!

And bands from the 90s who sing in Cockney/Estuary British accents like Blur who sing awesome songs like Parklife which you can find on that amazing site known as YouTube! (Hint: search for Parklife. Cool 90s video, haha)

Maria said...

Your title for this poem-- is it in the sense of "He's ba-ack!" or in the sense of "I Want You Back" (Jackson Five reference...) or in the sense of "I got your back"?

Most definitely feelin' groovy!

Bela said...

Wow, Gina. You are HYPER! Nice, nice.

Um...more like a "He's baa-aack" kind of think. But less sheep-like.

Maria said...

I'm so bored and tired... I know I should be doing something but I just don't feel like making an effort....

Bela said...

I hear you. I should probably working on my bat mitzvah stuff. It's in two days =D

What should you be doing?