Monday, September 1, 2008

Wait For Me

I wait for you
in the cold night
by the empty window.
When no one can hear me,
when no one will listen.

I can hear you coming
up the stairs to the door.
Your billowy breaths
echoing against my heart.
You've emptied my heart.

All night, every night,
I pray that you are there
to wake me when I dream
of you and only you,
my head resting on the glass,
clothes stained with thoughts of you.

But until then,
my tears keep falling
down the window panes
where I once saw you.
where you once disappeared
into darkness.


Gina said...

I know I'm about to spoil the whole mood of this, but since I watched most of "The Sound of Music" twice in the past month, the first line reminded me of the first lines of "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" (You wait, little girl, on an empty stage...)

In other news, did this poem stem from events mentioned in our... discussion? In a metaphorical way, perhaps?

Bela said...

In a way, perhaps. Of course, there is no telling if it had really stemmed off of "You Left Me", due to "previous events". But it might're on to something, Gina! (In other words, yes.)

Gina said...

Did this also have to do with the person (maybe a grandfather of an uncle?) whose passing I think is talked about in two other poems? I'm sorry we didn't get that earlier if that's what happened. You have a lot going on lately...

Maria said...

Seriously! You have officially earned the status of Drama Llama.
And I mean that in the best way possible.

Bela said...

Eh, everything has pretty much passed. But this one is just the same theme. I kind of wanted to continue it...but it has nothing to do with the actual event, so don't worry!

But I have good news about this poem...!

Maria said...

*waiting for it...*

By the way, what news have you on the whole getting published thing?

Bela said...

That's the news! White Oaks Press wants to publish my poetry! And I won a Poet of the Year award!