Sunday, December 21, 2008


My mind is racing,
my heart keeps stopping.
I'm gripping the edge,
but I keep dropping.
And for a moment,
I can't feel a thing.

I'm flashing back
to lost memories.
I skipped ahead
and found you and me.
And like a film
we both faded to black.

But what happened there
will stay in my heart.
Another day,
and we were falling apart.
Sometimes it's hard to dream
of what could have been.

You held me close,
then you drifted away.
Somehow I found
there was nothing to say.
I'm tripping over words
that lie on the ground.

The voice of an angel
keeps calling me.
I close my eyes,
but it's you I see.
Heaven above is closer
than they'd think.


Gina said...

This seems like a death poem to me:
-fading to black
-you drifted away

...but I can't tell if it's about the death of yourself or the death of someone close to you.

However, Maria thinks it's a Kevin poem.

Bela said...

Oh, Kevin. I'm so done with the people at my school. I can't stand them. Or Kevin.

Yeah, the death of myself. That sounds about right. Why? I don't know. Let me know if you figure it out.

Gina said...

For all the reasons I listed, right? Or do you mean, why did you write this?

Gina said...

Whenever you find yourself in an irritating situation with one of these people just breathe, count to five, and picture them sailing aloft in the sky with only a broken umbrella for support. Or imagine them holding an open umbrella while a concert grand piano drops on their heads. Sweet.

By the way, do you have time to take out of your busy life to write possible lyrics for a 40-second song Maria wrote? I'm stumped, and it doesn't sound great to just sing "la la la laaa, laaaaa. la la la laaaaa... la la la la LAAlaa, la la, la la, laa laaa. la la la la laaa, la LAA laa laaa... la LA la-la LA la la la, la LA-la, la LA-la, laaaa LAAA" Can I email you an mP3 of it so you can decide whether it would be doable?
Let's botha Snape! Botha! Bothabotha!

Pirate Queen said...

i really like this poem, it just is, that probabl sounds weird but it has this sense of sadness, it's beautiful

Gina said...

My Englsih teacher from last year says that dreams where someone is killed signify an anxiety in your life. So maybe this can be somewhat related?

Maria C. said...

I said "you would THINK it was a Kevin poem, but..." & I proceeded to discuss death symbols in the poem.
Get it right, Gina!

I apologize for my poor one-handed typing. This took me an irritat5ing amount of time yo go back through & delewte bad stuff so you know what... no. No more editing! :*(

Bela said...

Yeah, I can come up with lyrics! No problem :) Any specific themes you need me to follow?

Thanks to the Pirate Queen! (Who's name I have conveniently forgotten...remind me, please!)

Hmm...yeah, I can see that. Anxiety is definitely an issue right now. So is stress. Your teacher is very wise. :P

Gina said...

Well, she's taken a dream symbology class. And she's very intuitive when it comes to that sort of thing.

Lyrics? Thanks! That would be so helpful!-- just remember that I reserve the right to tweak or change stuff if it can't be done (the alto 2 part might make things slightly difficult for you). I will send it as soon as I can transfer the file to my mom's computer (my computer doesn't have Web access). If you can, try to make it about peace/love/nonviolence. But if you get a different instinct, go for it. :)

Gina said...

It's not that long of a song either- at this point, it's 40 seconds long.

It doesn't necessarily have to rhyme, but i might sound better like that (as long as they're not forced or off-topic. Do whatever fits nicely.

Gina said...

*it might sound better
Definition, Bela?