Saturday, December 20, 2008

Never the Same

It's been too long,
the world's on fire,
Pain can't be stopped,
can we stop desire?
What we had will never
be the same.

Some days I can see
that the future is bright.
Other times
I can see the light.
It's shining into my eyes,
I reach for you.

Can you steady me?
Can you show me the way?
Would you help me find
the words to say?
I'm stumbling over feelings
just for you.

I've found a way
to keep my heart intact.
But my life's longing
for something back.
Maybe you could help me
find my way.

But I've walked alone
and my heart's been aching.
I carried you,
but my back was breaking.
It's been too long,
how can I find you?


Gina said...

Well, there seem to be recurring elements of blindness in this poem, or of vision being blocked. This would lead me to believe that the speaker is- oh, the heck with it- you are somewhat at a loss for guidance. The person at the core of this poem was used to having things a certain way and is completely unnerved by not having the world oriented normally around her, almost like a child being led by the hand through a deep forest and being suddenly abandoned.

Gina said...

I just realized how morbid that image was. That's actually kind of scary...
I think my favorite part of Christmas presents is making them, followed by the person's reaction when opening them. I love getting Barnes & Noble gift cards- I tend to amass them at Christmas. There great because I can go into Barnes & Noble at any time (any time I think about it) and buy like $80 worth of books and stuff. Plus the clerks act like it's normal to have a teenage girl unload eight gift cards at one time. The people who work at Barnes & Noble are so cool. It annoys me when people say "Barnes & Nobles". That's not the name of the store. But pardon my digression... How's that poem coming along there, miss?

Maria said...

I totally concur with all of the above. I hope you like your present! :) I may have had more fun constructing it than you have doing it... and I may have more fun with it once you've gone through the process.


Maria said...

So, POEM...

I think the spea- YOU still want to be with the second person addressed in the poem, but it still hurts to be in their presence because you are thinking of what was/could have been the whole time you are with him/her. You've found ways of coping without him/her but against your better judgement you would like to be together together again.

Not to sound weird, but if I didn't know you this poem's speaker could be interpreted as someone going through withdrawal from some sort of addictive substance/behavior.

Word Verification: ressess
Haha, silly not-knowing-how-to-spell Word Verification! :)

Gina said...

Maria, like how "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston is supposedly about how she will always love crack?

Gina said...

By the way, Bela, where are you? On holiday in some exotic locale without internet access?? I've never known you to be off the internet completely for over a week! (As my friend would say, le gasp!)

Bela said...

Yeah, it seems as though you have a deep understanding of this style. And you're right - it is a rather strange picture to describe.

You both seem to have a deep understanding of this, actually. Except the drug thing, Maria. Tsk tsk! What i it wth you and those drugs? :)

Haha! Sorry, guys! I've been in Canada for th past week...and I still am! (Happy New Year, by the way!) (And Merry Christmas, even though I'm Jewish!)

Yeah, this is the first time I could get internet access up here :( It was upsetting...

So basically, no. Not an exotic location...but they have the most exotic animal of them all! THE MOOSE!!!

Gina said...


Although some people might not classify Canada as exotic, I would classify it as TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!

Speaking of Jewish people, our friend came to our Christmas party (our parents invited her, her dad, and her dad's girlfriend to come, even though they're all Jewish [well, not so much her dad]) and she lit her menorah and I lit the one we have: probably the first time it's been lit in 30-some-odd years. It was interesting. Shana (my friend), Maria and I sat around the table and watched the candles burn down.

It's easier to understand poems when you know the person very well. :)

I'm reading Inkdeath right now. I wonder how different it is in the original German...

Bela said...

Why yes, I suppose I WOULD agree...but the moose were all in hiding! I was upset about that...

Question of the week (this week, smart ones)- if "goose" is to "geese", then what is "moose" to?

I'm going to have fun with that one. Haha...I make myself giggle.

Original German? Well, I suppose that would be a bit of a challenge, seeing as, oh, I don't know, you don't speak German. Haha! Man, I am on FIRE today!

Okay, now calm down, Gina, and let's be serious.

Gina said...

I don't see why I should be the one to calm down, seeing as I'm not the one squealing over the plural of moose (it's moose. Not that tricky or exciting) or the fact that I don't speak German (Apfelmarmeladenglasdeckel ring a bell for you?). I just hink it would be cool to read it in German, if I could read it.

Have you written anything new lately? I know I should write more... You need to start bugging me to write more, Bela (I know, what am I getting myself into? But the benefits will outweigh my continual annoyance at being nagged.)

Question: Do you find that your dreams are more vivid or memorable after a day spent reading a good book or writing than after a day spent watching TV or mindless YouTube videos?

Bela said...


Shall I stop? But honestly, you really should write more often. Your writing style had clearly changed during the summer, and I really want to see how far it's come!

Well, that question is rather challenging...
I find that after watching TV and playing video games, one would start to lose bits and pieces of dreams. But with reading, dreams can be molded into something they once weren't, changed by the descriptions that one would remember from a book.

So, my answer is different than the options you have given me. I would have to say only writing, for it is through writing that dreams may be brought back into the mind and experienced with open eyes. Pun intended.

Gina said...

I'm going to email you one of my AP US History essays- let's see what you think of my writing style then!

Gina said...

So, Bela, what happened to that poem I asked to write? *peers sternly over glasses, then remembers that she doesn't have glasses*

Write a definition!

Bela said...

Forably - definition: saying horrible when rubbing your forehead.

Uh...don't ask. Let's just go with...


I do not accept your challenge. questions.

Only kidding...I've just been hitting a bit of a rough patch lately. I'm supposed to be studying for my big test tomorrow, but...

Uh, okay...send me your *gulps* essay.

Gina said...

Oh, it's okay, I understand. TESTS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN ME!!!


Bela said...

I'm sorry :(
No, it just counted for a lot of my I really had to focus.