Saturday, January 22, 2011

In Your Sight

You awaken me,
dusting gossamer webs
and compelling my legs to cover ground.
Whispers you endow
embrace a newborn,
my ringing ears
sensitive to the sound of your words
and the silences between.
In one swift motion,
your mind enters mine
and I am entranced by your thoughts.
I empty myself,
my world in your hands
as you dance around the simplistic idea
of our coalescence.
Drifting mindlessly,
I live
but to feel the warmth of your touch;
my own face and fingers
alive, alive in your sight.


T.A. Chance said...

I am far too overwhelmed to comment on this. It's truly beautiful, as you are able to string words together wonderfully, but it seems slightly choppy unless read in the right tone.

A great God-concept, though. Was that what you were aiming for?

T.A. Chance said...

I will write back with more later.

Bela said...

I suppose it is slightly choppier than most of my work, but thank you all the same :) A God-concept...yes, somewhat. I guess it could be anything, but as it pertains to me, it leans toward God/spirituality in general.

Look forward to hearing more :)