Monday, February 14, 2011


The curtains hang limply,
ripped to shame
as we await our entrance.
The stage is lit
and we enter,
cued by the uproar below us
and the company
that remain blinded by the illusion.
You bow,
appearing humble and innocent
to all who stare.
Our eyes meet as you straighten
and you indulge me with a flash
of betrayal.
Your hand extends,
and with ease
you present me to the sea of blurred faces
that cry out for more;
I bow,
stiff and uncomfortable
in your presence.
The crowd grows louder, and still,
I cringe.
I glance at you,
you who applaud me,
mislead me,
abandon me.
You smirk and step backward
as bouquets are thrown at our feet,
allowing the spotlight to shine
only on me,
while the faces and hands
seem to beg for us both.
I turn once more mid-bow,
and you wink.
A rose is cast toward my presence
and catches the threads
nearest my heart.
Fade to black;


T.A. Chance said...

Wow, dear. You've been really hurt, haven't you? Though I must say, I admire your metaphorical use of a stage to portray the charade the relationship was proven to be...correct me if I'm wrong here, this is just a simple observation from where I'm sitting.

And, might I add, the many meanings that the title brings to mind is a nice touch.

Still, I cannot get over how much I enjoy this metaphor. Of course, I'm sure it has been used before but this take on it is very unique...I'm really enjoying the story your poems are starting to tell. Before it seemed to be vague descriptions in order to tie into your "relate it to you" motto, but this style I much prefer.

I applaud you, the talented actor on the world's stage :)

Bela said...

Dearest Chance,
I thank thee! Haha, sorry, I'd continue because I'm on a Shakespeare kick, but in honestly I'd rather not sound like such a cliche.

Very hurt indeed, and thank you! I enjoy the stage metaphor, myself...shows after the hurt, there is always the paranoia that everyone is watching your every move - "did she cry? Is she refusing to wear makeup? Oh god, I bet she drank until she forgot about it; that's sick."

And no matter what people say, it's true that there are some who will watch, who will judge. Guess that's part of putting yourself out there, huh?

I see what you mean. My old styles were vague, indeed, almost pretentious in my opinion...though, I still think of them as some of my better works. Can't really explain it, but I just love their fluidity and the scenes they portray.

P@NW@REL@L said...

It's beautifull maybe i interpreted it the wrong ways(atleast so i think) but i really like it.

Bela said...

I'm sure you didn't, and I love that you commented! Thanks :)