Friday, December 11, 2009

When You're Gone

When you're gone,
my heart shatters
as I sit waist deep
in thoughts of you.
This empty home
has left me alone.
I'm waiting for you
to open the door.
Save me,
I'm drowning in shame.
If you're gone,
maybe life will start anew.
Memories will collapse
in the wrinkle of endless time,
opportunity will knock
at the door of my hollow heart.
I'm home,
emptier than before.
Soon you're gone,
dreams disappear
in the mind of a child,
weary from battling armored reality.
I am who I have lost;
an illusion of fate,
wrapped around your little finger.
I am waiting.


Aliana Dare said...

Is this another one to your dad?

Bela said...

Actually, yeah! It's addressed to another person, too, though. And guess what...?


Gina said...

I thought so. Hm...Jordan?

Word Verification: alicely
She fell down the hole, alicely

Bela said...

Jordan's six letters =) hmm what about Roger?


I like the sound of that one.

Kenzie/Noodle said...

hey bela, so i really like this, especially the part:
dreams disappear
in the mind of a child,
weary from battling armored reality.

Gina said...

It's not my fault that I can't count....:)

Is he a Jolly Roger?

Bela said...

Thanks, Noodle =) And yes, Gina...he's the ultimate Jolly Roger. WOO! Haha

Kelly Enigma said...

Your "poll" on the side there really spoke to me just now.
I wanted to vote for the first option. :(

Anonymous said...

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Gina said...
Look at the banner at the bototm of the page--who is that, all the way to that right?

Bela said...

Thanks so much everyone! I'll definitely check out that website, and haha, wow Jack! What a weird coincidence =)

Bela said...

Gina! It's our writing group! =D

Gina said...