Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In Your Heartbeat

I hope you love enough
to last a thousand lifetimes.
May your heart finally
be open and free.
May fireflies circle you in wonder,
lighting up the sky
above withering trees.
I hope you can remember
when teardrops hit the water.
May you wrap your arms around
what was almost lost.
Keep your eyes upon
the patches of bright midnight,
while the pale moon of tomorrow
washes you in vanilla twilight.
Whisper the song
that danced in your heartbeat,
jumping over flames,
falling into forgotten memories.
Smoke twirls under the spark
of a million stars.
I forgive you.


Gina said...

SOMEone's been listening to Owl City ;) (fireflies, vanilla twilight...haha)

Is this piece true?

Bela said...

Yup! For some reason the image of fireflies and the phrasing "vanilla twilight" struck me...and the idea of the situation.

Yes, it's very true.

Gina said...

Haha I can't believe I was actually right :)

Well, I'm glad you have the strength of character to forgive someone. It's a very hard thing to do...believe me, I know.

Bela said...

It's too much energy to hold a grudge, I've found. Live and let live, live and learn, all of those great phrases apply :) Words to live by, good buddy. Haha