Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shaken Road

Hold onto my hand,
I'll show you the way.
They've left us here
why should we stay?
Give me a reason
and I'll follow you back home.

The road keeps shaking,
we could fall through.
Can you feel the spaces,
the hollow souls we knew?
The broken people,
we stepped over them.

We've hit a wall,
there's no place to go.
You ask who I am,
why pretend you don't know?
Don't hide behind questions,
we can face this together.


Gina said...

The public school system of America?

...I got nothin'.

Bela said...

Haha nope...but keep trying! I'm not caving yet :)

Therapist Joe says: Peer pressure is bad.

HINT: relationships

Gina said...

But that's so BORING

Um, little sister?

HAHAHAHA my word verification is a word I actually used today that I bet you don't know what it means: sessile (ACTUAL WORD! OH, THE IRONY!)

Gina said...

Oh, another good one: brianful
Usage: I am lying here on my side panting and clutching my stomach because I just got hit with a brianful of rubber band balls.

Gina said...

They just keep coming! Your turn to deal with: elsolasm

And I couldn't really tell if this poem was about a sister or boyfriend or ex-wife or imaginary bimbo because I am still recovering from a sleepover Saturday night. My humble apologies.

Bela said...

Silly, silly, Gina! You know most of the themes of these poems...the relationship one has with an alter ego...of sorts...!

WHEE that was fun :) I enjoy the ridiculous word verification haha! Hm. Though, I'm thinking that brianful is more like "someone who possesses the qualities of someone the critic knows named Brian." adjective, obviously :D

So how 'bout it? Maybe? No? So be it :)

Gina said...

Argh...I give up.