Wednesday, July 22, 2009


If I waited for you,
then why did you leave?
There are no lost memories
no tears on my sleeve.
If you wanted me to cry,
you could have chosen me.

A heart beats in rhythm,
your words are a rhyme.
You can sing me to sleep,
but we're running out of time.
No one's listening,
can you scream that I'm yours?

Words are only words,
they can't feel my pain.
You've broken me to pieces,
but what will you gain?
My heart has sharp corners,
tell me if I start to bleed.


Bela said...

Rough draft...need another stanza, some editing, and a new title. Any suggestions?? :)

Gina said...

This is so...accusing. I don't know how else to put it. I feel neglectful because I haven't commented on a bunch of your last poems, and I'm going away for a week starting tomorrow! So, sorry. I'll catch ya later :)

A new about "Sharp Corners"? Or "sharp corners" if you're feeling really e. e. cummings, of course :)

Gina said...

Wow. Stupidest verification EVER: mycable

Bela said...

YAY! That's what I was going for...accusatory :)

That's a word, right? A-coo-sa-tor-iiiii. Yep, sounds like it.

Shame on you Gina, you neglectful writing beast. Haha, no it's okay, we've both been pretty busy, eh? It's so weird, in CWP it was a very free spirited schedule, "go with the flow", kind of...that's probably why I wrote so many poems there. And at Choate I was so scheduled that I didn't have time to write any poems =)

"Sharp Corners". Hm. Good one =) I like it! What about "Trial"? Or do you know any titles that are more poetic terms of Interrogation? Or Accusation? (I capitalize because they are themes :D)

Mycable? I do love TV...but what about yourcable?