Saturday, July 4, 2009

As Long

As long as I knew,
you were raiding my heart.
Somewhere along the road,
we fell apart.
On the corner of first
and nowhere street.

Searing tears fall,
you've burned my heart black.
I waited far too long
for you to come back.
All I needed was a call
that never came.

A light burns fast
when the candle is drowned.
One tear escapes,
and we can't be found.
As long as you loved me,
I was there.


Kenzie/Noodle said...

gosh bels haven't talked to you in 4ever! yet your writing is as good as always. haha

Bela said...

Me neither! I don't know if you'll reply, but I'll give it a shot :) Sooo how ya been, Noooodle? AND THANK YA!

Gina said...

This "burning" imagery is new. In the beginning of the third stanza, do you mean that the flame suffocates, or that it tries to make up for lost time before its impending death?

LQTM--my word verification word is "pettable". :)

Bela said...

Haha, YOU'RE OVERTHINKIN' IT, GINA! No, I like your version better =) I actually just meant that the "candle" is the base of any relationship, as it is that a "light" is a guiding feeling, or even the relationship itself. It could even be a light of hope, and when it is drowned it signifies that a relationship is losing hope. The water, or tears, that are drowning the candle, and thus extinguish the flame, symbolize whatever pain or obstacles the relationship could not overcome.

See, THIS is why I say I like my writing to be generalizations - so that the reader can come to their own conclusions. :) After all, those conclusions are a lot more complex and interesting than my own :P It's all about relating them to yourself, and as the reader, these poems are about helping you overcome whatever obstacles you are encountering so that you won't make the same mistakes as the writer.

Bela said...

And what's LQTM?

WORD VERIFICATION - pettable. (adj.) a soft furry creature with a cute begging face :P

Gina said...

Have you never seen Demetri Martin, the comic? Olivia used to talk about him all the time in the CWP van last year. Lqtm is used as a protest against the inaccuracy of "lol", and stands for:

You see? MUCH more accurate!

Word verification: unhea

Gina said...

Okay, just one more: vetamen

Bela said...


unhea: (n) meaning not able to be heard. From the british word "unhear"

Bela said...

vetamen: (n) a vitamin used to provide the nutrients of vegetables. Of Latin origin.