Saturday, May 30, 2009


Hush little baby,
don't you cry.
I feel your tears,
I'm by your side.
Lay still in the night,
keep your chin up high.
Breathe one last breath,
a silent goodbye.

Hush little baby,
don't say a word.
Don't make a sound
until you're heard.
Wander all alone
in the darkest cold.
Smile softly for me,
a smile bought and sold.

Hush little baby,
don't leave me here.
You can learn from me
and all that I fear.
I'm speaking softly,
listen closely to me.
Watch my eyes,
it's you I see.


Gina said...

Am I to assume you wrote this poem in math class, or that you typed it up in math class? If it's the latter, I will be extremely impressed, seeing as my school (a high school, which could be the difference) has Blogger completely blocked.

*moans* Now all I can think of when I reread this poem is dead babies in Vietnam as described in The Things They Carried...*whimpers*

Bela said...

Blogger Blockade Begins. Yup, that's got a nice ring to it for a newspaper heading. Ah, alliteration...

Yeah, it's been blocked for us all year...pretty recent. So to answer, written in Math class =)

Libby said...

Hey Bela! I am Sarah's friend, this is an amazing poem, and you wrote it in math wow! Please check out my Blog. I only have a few things but I'd love to hear your ideas.

Bela said...

Haha, hi Libby, I know who you are =) I'll be sure to check out you're blog and I'll definitely leave a comment! (or two, or three, or...)


Bela said...

And thank ya kindly :)

Maddie said...

Bela... u make my life complete :D umm i was scared of that poem. i feel like its something that would be in a horror film... like a little girl would sing it... and then all of a sudden she was murdered or something horrible... like those really creepy eerie scenes.

its very well written tho...