Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Can you tell me
if you've found a way?
I'm losing pieces
of myself every day.
Can you see me
for who I once was?

I've reached the end,
I've seen the past.
A light of hope
can flicker fast.
I'll reach for you,
will you take my hand?

You lost your way,
there's no turning back.
If you retrace your steps
you'll find what you lack.
I've walked this road,
can you find what I could not?


Gina said...

It's like a sister poem, or a poem in reverse!...I don't know how to accurately describe it. Maybe it's a yang poem, and the last one was the yin? How about opposite poem.

Okay, now that we're done with terminology, let's get on to the good stuff. If this were to be published in a book, I think it'd be great to print these side by side. It shows how opposites can exist at the same time, almost paradoxically. You're like Alice in Through the Looking Glass...please tell me you've read that book! :)

Gina said...

In regard to the poll, what one should do is often much different than what one will do, so I am conflicted on my response for this one. :)

tawlkval: a primitive facebook chat device

Bela said...

Haha, yup, I've read it =)
This poem compared to...SNATMDF? (The one with the ridiculously long title that I don't feel like typing right now because I have an insanely long essay due...tomorrow...)

ANSWER THE POLL AS BEST AS YOU CAN PLEASE!!! Think of it this way, decide what you wish to do, and answer in that form...and leave what you actually do (in this case what I do...teehee) on the comments page!

Bela said...

The Fair is 5pm. This is going to be fun! *smirks ominously*

Wait - smirks ominously? I'm starting to think I'm going crazy...

Maria said...

Why the ominous smirking?? TELL!

Word Verification: Grastel: what the witch wanted to make out of Hansel's sister

Bela said...

Haha, good one =)

Hmm...probably because of DA POLL! On DA SIDE of the blog...=D
(Hint: Third option...)

Libby said...

Hey Bela! I love your poems! They are so amazing :)

Bela said...

Haha, thanks Libby!

DO. IT. Thank you kindly =)

Gina said...


...and what's so special about this Fair?

Bela said...

Saturday Night at the Memorial Day Fair. It's an oldie :)

Gr you'll figure it out...

Gina said...

I remember that poem quite clearly for some reason now that you mention it :) Umm, the main comparison I see is that you are in completely opposite moods in these two poems...are you talking to the same person here? Are you talking to one specific person here, or everybody?

Aww, my word verification today is "capers"! I always loved that word...*sigh*

Bela said...

Um...dare I ask why you love that word? Is it the veggie, (technically, it IS a vegetable...) or the plot? And what about your experiences? Haha, my journalist's ears are WIDE open!

They are rather different, if not completely opposite. In this case, I am refering to the same person, but I am really speaking to myself. (I do that a lot in poetry - like an alter-ego...sort of.)

Gina said...

Ew, no! I do NOT like eating capers, those little vinegar bombs of hate!!! I like the word capers as in "marvelous adventures".

Why is my word verification today "undies"??? Whether you think of it as "underwear" or "undoes the process of death" it still doesn't make any sense.

Gotta go finish an English project, then write a randomly assigned essay...:P

Bela said...

Ah, yes...vinegar veggies. I'm not a fan of them, myself...

Undies. Underwear. Undergarments. The Undoing of _____. Undetected ______s. Etc...

Yup. I still don't see the pint. Then again, they ARE supposed to be random...god forbid it should be easy to post a comment on your own blog.

QUICK! Which is worse: a randomly assigned essay or an essay that has actual meaning and ties into a curriculum?

Gina said...

Well, the randomly assigned essay was actually for history class (WHICH I THOUGHT WAS OVER!!! STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!)


Well, it can be bad if a randomly assigned essay totally distracts you from your learning, but the writing can also be more visceral if randomly assigned. Writing an essay that ties into the curriculum is usually good, unless the topic has been rehashed so muchh as to destroy its flavor. So, I'll take a cop-out and say, IT DEPENDS.

...Which is worse: seeing someone for the first time in 3 1/2 years and not being able to say hi to her, or......ahhhhh can't think...I just read The Things They Carried for English class today and it's seriously making me depressed. Bllllehhhhhhh...

Vinegar memories. That phrase has potential, definitely.

Maria said...

Who? ^