Thursday, June 11, 2009


Silence is deafening,
but it's your voice I hear.
Glass keeps shattering,
you've made it so clear.
I keep fading,
you're pulling me away.

My eyes are blind,
but it's you I see.
Yet there's no one here,
no one's guiding me.
If you were here,
I know you'd take my hand.

A heart that's stopped,
is still alive.
But there's only a moment
left to survive.
My heart's still beating,
I know it's because of you.


Gina said...

I'm going to call this rhyme scheme the Li-- oh wait, it's the internet, I can't use your real last name. So, I will call this the, er, Perry? (When did this pseudonym happen, by the way?)

A, B, C, B, D, E

i.e., couplets that rhyme, and a non-rhyming one. I realize the lettering makes it look stupid. Ah, math class...*whimper* my algebra final is tomorrow, wish me luck!

verification word: chpom DEFINE PLEASE! :)

Bela said...


Well...we know my full name I assume, and I just took my Bela (:D) and my middle name! Wheeee...but soon enough EVERYONE SHALL KNOW MY NAME! MWAHAHAHAHAAA!

Chpom: (n) a small pomegranate containing 12 seeds. These RARE fruits only grow in the mountains of CHAKALACKABINGBONG!

Gina said...

I think I did all right. :)

Haha. I was thinking "chpom" was more along the lines of "tae kwon do sound effect when you absolutely beast someone", but the fruit thing works too. I like this game (<---Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends? No? Maybe? *sigh*) Today's word: discalt

And I never knew you had such a last name-sounding middle name, haha. And so you are not Isabela, but Bela for good? Interesting. How's that summer thing looking? I bet you're excited. When does it start?

Oh, and I finally have an answer to the question "What are you doing this summer?"-- I'm interning at this community center-type place and doing volunteer work! Yay for an answer!

Gina said...

Okay, this one's cool too: epterrad

Gina said...

And I think I'll name myself Delshifi. ARGH! Must-stop-looking-at-entertaining-word-verification-gobbledygook!

Did I mention I finished Sense and Sensibility? Last summer you were chewing me out for not reading Jane Austen, so I thought you should know. :)

Bela said...

Ah. Touche. And yes, my middle name is that of a certain Disney Channel Platypus =)

I think my writing thing starts July...12. Possibly. I'll have mother check in with you (my secretary...).

YAAAYY FOR YOUR PLANS! Thank god you finally have some ;)

Epterrad: (adj.) resembling a toad. (n.) a thin jump rope made of twine used in third world countries =)

Bela said...

I see you more as a Bubanya. But it's your word against mine, so do with it what you will =)


Please excuse that momentary outburst. I was exploding with happiness and applying it to the real world through dance...HAPPY DANCE!