Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fly Away

I'm the first thing you see
as you open your eyes.
But the next thing you say
is you're saying goodbye.
And time seems to stop
as you're waiting,
waiting for me.

The doors start to close,
you're trapped inside.
You run away and find
there's nowhere to hide.
And you're struggling,
walking in circles,
reliving the past.
And no one knows
if you're ever coming back.

But you're slipping into silence,
you don't know what to say.
You can't really see it
but your world is turning
shades of gray.
No one will find you,
you'll blend right in.
It won't be too long
until there's no telling where
you've been.

You're trying to fly
but you're standing down.
You're playing it safe,
but you're still stuck
on the ground.
Dare to dream now
and maybe you can still
fly away.


eMmA said...

this is AMAZING!!!!

Bela said...

Thanks! Okay, so remind me...which Emma is this? H or C? Thanks again!

Bela said...

Never mind! I checked out your profile...yay for singing! You should DEFINITELY make a blog! You could use it to post lyrics...

Gina said...

I realize I always harp on this, but the rhythm would make a whole lot more sense if you kept it consistent by editing out unnecessary syllables and rearranging some so they make more sense.

Did you mean to say, "But the next thing you say/is you're saying goodbye"? By the way, "your" in the 2nd to last line of stanza 1 should be "you're".

I'm confused about the "I" in this poem, who seems to be some sort of friend, who the "you" abandons, and then changes his/her mind and waits for?

This whole poem has shades of nightmare sewn into it: the images of waliking in circles, hiding, struggling, being helpless. I'm curious to hear your take on this one.

Sorry I haven't been commenting lately, but I've been pretty busy between everything... and I'm kind of creeped out by your new profile picture and I don't know why.

Bela said...

Ah, yes. Good to FINALLY hear from you! My profile Veronica Lodge from Archie Comics...I'm thinking of changing it to Blaire Waldorf...Love her!

Ignoring that first comment because I have no actual response and don't feel like making one up...

Um...yeah. What did I write that was different than that line. Strange...

Talk about nightmares...I'm living one. But that was kind of the point. Actually, the "You" is supposed to be me, and so is the "I". Talk about alter egos...

It's almost like I'm watching myself living in the "nightmare", as you called it, and I see myself waiting for salvation. And while I'm watching, I know that only I can save myself. Make sense?

By the way...your profile picture creeps me out, too. :)

And thanks for noticing that grammatical error!

Gina said...

So, you're running away from yourself... but waiting for you to catch up?

And my profile picture is Lamb Chop, thank you very much! Are you too young to remember Lamb Chop?

Gina said...

"and if you're one of those kids that lives by the rule that sad is bad and happy is cool..."
-Lamb Chop's Play-Along Theme Song

Well, I guess maybe you shouldn't play with Lamb Chop then...

Come on, this show was the origin of The Song That Doesn't End!!!!

Bela said...

No, more like I'm running away from my fears, or from pain, but waiting for, I don't know, myself (the trait of courageousness) to find me and help me find my way back home. Do you know what I mean>

Haha! I believe you mean, "Are you too OLD to remember Lamb chop?" And you're never too old for Lamb chop! Huh, funny. It looks more like an ordinary sheep. :)

Gina said...

No, I did mean too young. The PBS TV show was on the air in the 1990s, and since you're two years younger than me you might not remember seeing the show, if you saw it at all. "It looks like an ordinary sheep"?!!! IT?! SHE is the coolest sheep puppet EVER!!! It was so sad when Shari Lewis (puppeteer and outrageous ventriloquist) died. She was so young...

Oh, I know, go look at this on YouTube right now:

Shari Lewis voiced Lamb Chop, Hush Puppy (the dog) and Charlie Horse (uh, the horse). OMG I forgot how much I love this show...

Gina said...

"I wanna be a fish."


Bela said...

I meant the PICTURE! (otherwise known as IT, seeing as a picture is an object/thing)

Was she young? I thought she looked kind of old...but still, very tragic.

My favorite was, "Lamb Chop's Hanukkah"..."...and a Partridge in a pear tree! Oy vey!" Haha!

Maddie said...

hey bela, this is good but i dont love it personally. i'm on tonight, i figured i had to come before i got 10 emails a day about ur blog.

Bela said...

Oh...interesting. And refreshing, I suppose. And why might that be?

Maddie said...

i'm really sorry. i was in a bad mood last night. i meant that i'm back on your blog. also, this is really good, not my favorite of yours, but still good.

Bela said...

Oh. Thanks, then!