Friday, October 31, 2008

Cry for Help

She cries for help,
but no one answers her call.
Faces blur before her,
until she's nothing at all.

And her hope will fade,
just like her smile.
Her happiness disappears,
but only for a while.

And the sun sets
on another painful day.
All hopes that vanished,
had never truly
found their way.

Yet the days
keep her cold with fear.
In the nights,
she cringes with shame.
But she never realizes
who is to blame.

Maybe each day
there will be someone there for her,
whomever they may be.
Maybe one day,
she will stand tall
and finally be free.


Maria said...

I find it interesting that you stop rhyming in the last two stanzas.

The last two lines of the second stanza don't really fit in with the rest of the poem, at least how I'm reading it. Why so happy all of a sudden?

Can't write anything more coherent than this right now... I'm sick & fatigued.

Happy Halloween! *fizzles*

Bela said...

Well, I stopped rhyming to show the intensity of her fears. No, I'm kidding. But would that be a good excuse?

Actually, I completely forgot about writing in rhymes. Ever heard of some good word vomit? Works like a charm! ;)

The last stanza wasn't a see, I wanted to extend the feeling. Basically, to show that there was more hope than fears sometimes, when you look at the "big picture" in small pieces. But when looking at it as a whole, the fears overwhelmed her. Make sense?

Haha...funny. Actually, I have a confession to make...

The last few poems were fakes. I was never really feeling that sort of thing. Truthfully, 8th grade is the worst. My peers have drained away all that I am...figuratively, of course. But now, at the moment, I am a mere hollow shell of a writer. *sigh*

Wow, I really am depressed. Sorry, reading that over I know that that was overly dramatic! Well, somewhat.

Oh No! What do you have? Wait - you're sick on Halloween???
Okay, I know you're too old to go trick-or-treating, (even though you're never really too old for that sort of thing), didn't you have a party? Eat lots of candy? Oh...I feel so bad!

Gina said...

Yeah, so you're a really depressed kid lately...

And yes, many of my friends still do go trick-or-treating, just with more ironic costumes. My school is putting on "Night Chills" for our fall play, a collection of five Edgar Allen Poe stories adapted for the stage, so my friend went as Poe/Roderick Usher (his character is Roderick Usher in Fall of the House of Usher). BUt then we thought it looked more like Charlie Chaplin, because he was wearing his dad's old tux and a black bowler, so I drew a mustache on him. It was pretty cool. And I went as a broken doll. Good times, good times... :)

Bela said...

Haha! Very good times...