Sunday, June 1, 2008


I've met someone.
I knew them before
but not in the same way.

I've met someone.
Who seems to be quiet,
who seems to be shy,
but has a different side
that I can love.

I've met someone.
Someone I can talk to.
Someone I can be myself with.
But why can't I


Gina said...

You have guts, Bela, to post this on the world wide web where anyone can read it!... but maybe that's freeing, in a way...

Bela said...

I guess so, but everyone knows me by a different name and no one really knows the address to this blog. And yes, this is very freeing to me!

Maddie said...

hey bela, i thought u sent ur blog 2 all of ur friends. this is good, and why can't u follow instinct anymore??????????
this is REALLY good, but in the first stanza you wrote

"I've met someone.
I knew them before"
(stress THEM)
and then in the second stanza you wrote

"I've met someone.
Who seems to be quiet"

you went from plural to singular. Otherwise, it's really good! That part was just bugging me a little. But I have a feeling that you or Gina will point out something obvious which makes me remember that you did do it the right way.

But I tried!!!

Bela said...

Well, I'm trying to stress that that person has many different doesn't work, does it? Oh well, I see what you mean...

Gina said...

Hey, good catch, Maddie! Yes, the technically grammatically correct thing to do would be to replace "them" with "him" (or "her".

Just kidding.)

Bela said...

Ah. Point well taken.

I resent that, Gina.