Sunday, June 1, 2008

No More

Maybe it's time
to free ourselves.
Free ourselves of the burden
we both carry.

Maybe it's time,
to grab a hold
of reality,
and finally understand
that this will never work.

I once thought I loved you,
but you are not
who I thought you were.
But if I know one thing is true,
I know that I love
someone else.


Gina said...

When I saw the title I immediately thought of the song with the same name from the Broadway show "Into the Woods", which we put on at our school this spring. In the song, the Baker is basically giving up on life but his father, the Mysterious Man, convinces him not to. Yes, I am most DEFINITELY getting the feeling that something major happened between Memorial Day and now... I'm onto you, Bela...

Bela said...

Oh my god!!! Our school did that play, too!!! Yeah, something DID happen. You're too good for me...

Gina said...

Haha, I was the narrator. My favorite scene was when I died. XD Wow, that must sound really wrong, but it was fun getting thrown off into the wings and screaming my head off. Wait, you're still in middle school, right? Did you guys do the junior version, then?

Gina said...

It's not that I'm too good for anyone, Bela. It's just blatantly obvious that you keep writing about the same guy and now you feel differently, that's all.

"It's elementary, my dear Watson..."

Bela said...

A little weird, but it still sounds really cool! Our high school did it...we already had our play.

Relax, I was kidding! Yeah, you're dead on, naturally. I do feel differently.

I like Sherlock Holmes.

Gina said...

Hey, visit the CWP website tonight. I posted something- happy now?!!

Just kidding.

Bela said...

Ok, You got it! And as a matter of fact, I AM happy.

Not kidding!

Maddie said...

s'up bela????
i must say this is really good, but it surprises me that it was june 1st. i wish u had followed that instinct, but it is very good. u and gina even have a funny thing going now!!!!!!!!

BUT I BET THAT THE PERSON U LOVE IS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bela said...

Sure, Maddie. I'll humor you...

But man, you're right! I should have followed it! Oh Sheryl Crow once said, "The First Cut Is The Deepest", right?

Gina said...

I just realized the deeper significance of the labels you left on this post: your ex never took the time to come here (or you didn't trust him enough to tell him) and now your boyfriend comes here daily, even multiple times. That's dedication, Bela. It's obvious you made the right choice here.

Bela said...

I think so, too. And I'm pretty glad that Mitch is no more, actually. I guess I didn't trust him enough, and trust is everything in a relationship.

Bela said...

Okay...never mind.