Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Along the Way

A thousand tears
I'll cry for you.
It's been so long,
it came so soon.
Did we miss it somehow,
did we see it along the way?

This road has crumbled,
there's a hole in the moon.
We walked the line
and fell right through.
Sometimes I wonder,
what if we could fly?

Let's find a place
where we can escape.
I'll take you with me,
we'll go away.
Just take my hand,
I'll guide you through the dark.

It's a long road,
do you think you can make it?
You fake a smile,
but can you take it?
Even if you fall,
I'll carry you.

Don't tell me
that it's too late.
I know you're listening,
I know you're awake.
Can't we pave the way
once again?


Bela said...

Shall I call it, "Escape", or "Along the Way"?

Bela said...

And I request a psycho analysis from the great bloggers!

(of America)

Gina said...

To deal with the poll quote first: "silence in the wind" vs. "strength in the breeze" could refer to the effect of feeling alone in the wind, while feeling empowered by a light breeze (which is jsut enough to envigorate you???)

Gina said...


Gina said...

Perhaps because I'm doing a project for Spanish class on Salvador Dali, this reminds me of one of his paintings... I need to go back through this cool little book to find what I think I was thinking of... When I do figure out which painting it was, I'll send you a link to it online.

Or I'll figure out that my mind made up the whole thing.

...the second outcome is probably much more likely at this point.

By the way, I have worked a lot on those lyrics:
We have rewritten
Stormclouds of fear
With these now distant there
Is new hope here

And that hope lasts
Beneath skies of gray
Wait for the sunrise
Hope has dawned a new day

Meh. Cliche much? But I think it really has to rhyme for people to understand it.

By the way, can you provide more details concerning The Book you're working on? I just learned the other day that if I take Creative Writing next year, then I can take Advnced Creative Writing senior year, which would be a half-year course all focused on getting published!! How cool is that?

Gina said...

And now I have given you lots of stuff to read. I hope you're happy.

Maria said...

Yeah, shut up, Gina....

(just kidding!)

Maria said...

LOVE 2nd line of 2nd stanza. Not sure why I do but I love it!

Again, your traditional images of taking someone's hand, falling, faking a smile, carrying someone.... These images pop up again and again in your poetry. I wonder why?

Psychoanalysis later... sleep now.

Bela said...

There's a deeper meaning behind that little 'ol poll, keep digging!

Well, it doesn't necessarily have to rhyme...unless you're dealing with vapid oafs who are incapable of understanding anything else...which isn't likely. When there's a will, there's a way! AND THERE'S A WAY! ...BECAUSE YOU HAVE WILL!


So you like the last line, Maria? Cool, works for me! It's almost as if the "people" in the poem don't have both feet on the ground, you know? Is that it...?

Gina said...

Definitely keep it "Along the Way". Why? The poem is more about a journey than an escape.

I think the second stanza is about the (in?)ability to deal with unexpected, unprecedented events, things that shouldn't happen, that you haven't been prepared for. Does that make any sense at all?

The rest of the poem is about dealing with the unexpected, and trying to recover. The very last line, I think, is about the attempt to fix something broken, or perhaps the futility of making such an impossible attempt.

As for the poll, I'll go back and take a look now...

Gina said...

Heehee, word verification is "ovenes"!

Gina said...

Yeah, still don't get the poll saying. I guess it's supposed to be two statements, not a comparison as I had originally thought. Can you explain it more? I'm confused.