Monday, January 19, 2009

Fade Away

You have faded me.
I'm disappearing
under the night sky.
You have erased me,
and I'm gone.
Into a world of spaces
in my mind.

I'm so alone,
so lost without you.
I'm dying and trying
to make it home.
And I'm fighting my way
back to you.

Am I out of reach?
Am I on my own?
Have you left me alone
in a world out of time?
Did you see what I knew
through my eyes?


Gina said...

What's new is that you are becoming more introverted and withdrawn from the world.


Gina said...

Two great word verifications by the way: wourshe and obustseu. They sound Welsh and French, respectively.

Bela said...

Yes, quite respectively :)

Um, yeah. I see your do you figure that, though?

Gina said...

Uh... from all the obvious hints?? i.e.:
-erased me
-world of spaces in my mind
-on my own
-through my eyes

Bela said...

Ah. Got it. Sorry, my mind is on the fritz :)