Saturday, August 23, 2008

Too Late

The innocence was there
in your eyes.
The mask you wore
was one of maturity,
of wisdom and experience.
That wasn't you.

And your hands,
bronze from the setting sun.
They slid down the warm hood
of the car you sat upon.
You tried so hard to relax.
But you feared the future,
as did I.

I found your hands
reach for mine.
And the comfort
from your warm brown eyes.
I was safe with you
underneath the melting sky.

And the willow above us
outstretched its arms,
and cradled us
as she began to weep.
For time was running out,
and we were long past gone.


Gina said...

I come here anymore. :) There is a very surrealist aspect to this poem that reminds me of the work of Salvador Dali- "the melting sky" and the other distorted visuals recall the melted watches in "the Persistance of Memory", one of the most famous surrealist paintings ever.

By the way, the word "it's" is never used for possession, so please change "it's" to "its" (without the apostrophe) unless you mean "outstretched it is arms."

Aaah... for once I am at a loss for the symbolic meaning of this poem. I can only guess by what you said after the poem that the "you" in the poem is someone of a non-romantic nature, like a dad???

Bela said...

Huh, so I'm resembling artwork. Interesting. Oh, right. I knew that it should be "its".

Well, you know it isn't about love. Not my dad, but you're on the right track. Think family.

Bela said...

And thank you for coming here anymore!

Bela said...

You're the only one :-(
I'm going to change that in a moment.

Maddie said...

wait????? is this about. o nvr mind. i was gonna say franci but i think that she is still in high school. is it her though? i guess. it's really good, and gina was right about the surrealness. it's good.

Bela said...

Aww, thanks Maddie! No, it's not Franci. Good try, though! It's one of those "No-topic-poems". You know, the ones that I write as a generalization?