Tuesday, August 19, 2008


You said
'There's a path you need to choose.
One way or another,
you'll make it through.
But don't forget
I'm here if you need me.

'And the path your on
may throw you off course.
But I need you to hold on tight.
So just put up a fight,
just like I taught you to.'

And I agreed but so solemnly.
I knew I was different than I used to be.
But I knew the words you spoke were true,
And I knew I could believe in you.

But then I came to a crossroad
so where could I go?
My heart said yes
but my head said no.
So what could I do?
I looked for you.


Maddie said...

i love this poem, but my favorite part is the last stanza, it is amazing.

Bela said...

Aw, thanks Maddie!

Gina said...

This reminds me of the Sinatra song "I Thought About You." (I know SO many Sinatra songs because my dad loves fake books.) It basically tells about a person who takes a trip on a train, and everything they see reminds them of the girlfriend they said goodbye to before getting onboard: "I peeked through the crack and looked at the track/The one leading back to you/And what did I do? I thought about you."

Maria said...

FYI a fake book is a book of music with just the treble clef (or right hand part/melody) and chord symbols written above it to tell the left hand what to do, rather than write in the whole bass clef. It takes up less room on a piece of paper, thus making it cheaper to produce a fake book than a "real book". The format also allows for more improvisation and the pianist's own personal interpretation of the song.

Music/piano geek moment over....

Bela said...

I SO knew that Maria...not kidding! I love Frank Sinatra and fake books...but I don't think I've heard that song yet. I'm going to Google it or look it up on iTunes.