Friday, May 23, 2008


Hi everyone,
I am the same Bela from the CWP Writer's E-Anthology...
but now I have my own blog for anyone who wants to read my work!!!
I have gotten some requests for poems that I absolutely
if anyone else has any requests my writer's email is:

Let me just tell you what Heart On Paper is all about. Let's
start with the name. Whenever I write, I feel that I should be
putting everything I'm feeling into my writing. My passions,
my pain, everything. A little piece of me, of my heart, is always
in my work.

The poems and stories will range from oldest to newest starting
at the bottom. Don't be afraid to tell me what you think of each!

If anyone has anymore questions...I will be more than happy
to answer them!!! Either email me from the name above, or
post a comment!!!
Keep writing and don't forget to put your heart on paper!!!

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