Monday, May 26, 2008


Here we have a girl,
an ordinary girl.
She follows the crowd
and does what she is told.
She will blend in with the rest,
She will not stand alone.

Here we have a boy,
but not an ordinary boy.
He tries to stand out
but does not succeed.
He tries to be a leader,
but cannot find a way in.

Here is another girl,
an extraordinary girl.
This girl is a leader,
She is loved by all.

Here is another boy,
an extraordinary boy.
This boy knows how to impress.
This boy knows greatness.

But is there more to be said
about this popular pair?
How are they better?
Are they really?

What about the ordinary pair?
There is much to be said about both.
Each failure, each triumph
is embraced by all.
They are truly great.
They are themselves...
They are not fake.


A said...

Heyy its a friend, does this have to do with you?

Bela said...

Umm...I guess. It actually has something to do with everybody. It's a part of everyone's life...that includes mine.
Is this...Allegra?

Maddie said...

This is amazing!!!!!!!! I think this is one of my favorites of yours. i guess that's becasue you tried something new which sounded pretty cool to me.

Bela said...

Thanks! I actually don't like this one that much because it isn't very deep...but thanks!