Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Believe In You

Eyes twinkle
under a thousand stars,
reminiscence flickering
as innocence dances
in the heart of your smile.
Silence binds the world
into a diluted rapture,
emptiness echoing
the rhythm of years past.
Paper flowers crinkle,
whispering lullabies
of devoid illusion,
murmuring skeletal pleas
of forgiveness.
Vanity swells within
a crippled heart,
trapped inside a shell of a soul.
A wary hand extends,
fear imprisoning possibility;
my miracle.


Maddie said...

i really love this. i love the word choice, the feelings, and the hope, dreams and loving trust all put into this. great writing, truly <3

Bela said...

Wow, thanks so much, Maddie! That was really sweet :)

Big Frank Dickinson said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind words. I can see your heart in all that you write.

Bela said...

You're very welcome! You have a lot of talent, there's no doubt about that.

And thank you!

Gina said...

I just don't get this offense, but it sounds like a bunch of random ideas just put together in a way that sounds nice but that doesn't necessarily make sense to me. Just thinking out loud.

Bela said...

OKEEDOKEE! Here's my grand 'ol explanation:

It's almost as if it's a description of the past, and how it is reflected into the future. "Reminiscence flickering as innocence dances in the heart of your smile."

Then there's the act of losing oneself through the past, "silence binds the world into a diluted rapture, emptiness echoing the rhythm of years past."

Paper flowers: symbolic of faux beauty that could last forever, but is only a "lie" in its own right. ("Lullabies of devoid illusion")

Then back to the reasoning, or problem, that began the battle within. (Whether to continue or end the fight altogether) "Vanity swells within a crippled heart" (Vanity, meaning selfish desires to keep or hold onto the past.)

And then of course there's the ending line: "A wary hand extends, fear imprisoning possibility; my miracle." Again, a repetition of conflict. When you extend a hand ,it's normally a gesture of guidance, or help (in this case, the other person involved trying to steer the narrator onto the right path. However, it is wary in the sense that...well, would you think someone battling these feelings would trust you?)

Then, of course, fear often holds us back from taking chances. In that sense, possibility could never become opportunity.

The last two words can be confusing. There's a double meaning: it could mean that the fear that is imprisoning possibility is saving the narrator from heartbreak, etc. OR it could be referring to the other person, meaning that the "wary hand" is a sign of moving past the past. In THAT sense, it would be as though the other person is saving the narrator from herself.

TA-DA! That was quite the mental workout :)

Gina said...

AND YOU EXPECT US TO UNDERSTAND ALL THAT???? Haha. Thank you for your painstaking and very thorough explanation. It makes a lot more sense now.

Bela said...

My English teacher would have, Missy Miss. Haha, and hey, not everything I write is obvious from the start!

I'm a puzzle, figure me out :D AND you're very welcome.

Maria said...

I still don't really get it. I understand better, but not fully.
Anyway, it's pretty! Hee hee

and the crowd goes wild!

Bela said...

It's a story, a narration of an experience in metaphor. TA-DA! We've missed you, Maria :)

Maddie said...

just wanted to say... I MISS YOU MARIA! and i still like this poem =) but your explanation made it MORE confusing for me. ohhh well =)

Bela said...

AH! I'm sorry! Haha, no'll get it eventually :)